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Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a big blue pot…

I’ve wanted one for years; I’ve always said…….someday.  I have some screwy conflicts in my head about money sometimes – I can be very decisive about a really large purchase, but agonize over something for $50.  Well, this beautiful blue … Continue reading

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Yummy Peach Preserves

Do you love peaches?  Doesn’t everybody?  Today I’m going to show you how I make peach preserves.  It’s easy and they are insanely delicious! I’ve had a very busy summer, but one thing I was determined to accomplish was canning … Continue reading

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A Perfect First Fruit Tree

One evening, when I was five years old, I ate an entire package of Fig Newtons.  The result was entirely predictable and I never ate another one or anything containing figs until more than forty years later.  As childhood traumas … Continue reading

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