Winter Reflections

In the business of horticulture here in zone 7b, winter is a time for regrouping.  It’s a dormant period for many of us, just like that of a plant, time to slow down many of the more public processes and to take stock and evaluate what’s happened, what has worked well and what hasn’t, what to keep and what to discard.  There’s a lot going on, but it’s below the surface and it’s all about strengthening roots to ensure success next season.

My professional website needs revision to accurately reflect the current state of my company.   I’ll be adding more services, more projects to my portfolio, and updating my expanded associations.  I’ve always been a bit haphazard with goal setting and I’ve never been big on New Year resolutions.  I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type:  spark + idea = do it!  So the website update gives me an opportunity to acknowledge in concrete terms my professional growth during the last year.

My personal life hasn’t stood still either.   I’m recognizing that life is finite, and with that recognition has come a new courage and focus.    I’m doing more of the things that I’ve always wanted to do, including writing by way of creating this blog!  I’m becoming more social and more willing to expose who I am and risk the disapproval of others, which is the most rewarding aspect of all.

2010 was a year of great change in my life and the life of my family.  I’m getting to know my son as an adult and we’re both learning a lot in the process.   I’ve reconnected with my roots through cousins that haven’t been in my life consistently since childhood.   My garden has been almost entirely renovated in part because of the loss of a large tree and in part because the recession has created for me some unexpected opportunities.

I’ve been more faithful to my values with regard to composting and sustainable practices, have acquired a working knowledge of canning, and I’m a few weeks away from adding chickens to my newly constructed coop.

I’ve developed a strong love of photography as I’ve chronicled the wildlife frequenting my expanded garden and pond.

I am surrounded by beginnings and small successes upon which to build in the coming year.

If it wasn’t for this dormant period, I’d be plunging ahead full tilt, scarcely glancing over my shoulder.  How about, in addition to making resolutions for the year ahead, we allow ourselves a period of dormancy during which we process and acknowledge what we’ve accomplished (or survived) in the year just ended, whether they were included in last year’s resolutions or not.    What foundations have you laid for future growth?  I bet you’ve accomplished far more than you realize.  Have you paused long enough to allow yourself to feel good about it?

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