It would be so easy…..

to shake my fist at the sky to complain about this chilly, windy morning as contrasted with yesterday’s balmy perfection. Gardeners get a little obsessed at this time of year.  We have one-tracked minds – Spring and all that the word implies – new shoots peeking through the soil, planting our veggies and imagining how our new ornamental delights will look as they grow and blend with the garden beds into which they are tucked.  We know intellectually that frost can still happen anytime within the next month in our gardens, but we want to get started and we want to do it NOW!

As a designer, one of the aspects I need to keep an eye on is how my client experiences the process.  It’s important for me to guide them in many areas, from plant choices and placement to their expectations of how the landscape will look upon installation and as it matures.  There can be stress involved, especially if other construction projects are occurring simultaneously.

I’m working with a family now who are having a garage built and as well as some work done on their roof.  We’ve had to do some revisions to our landscape plan due to budget issues with the other project.  They’ve had revolving sick kids, too, and I sometimes detect a little frustration and fatigue in their voices.   I told the wife last night that I appreciate how challenging her situation is right now and she quickly reminded me that planning a garden is a luxury and actually a haven from the stress.  She went on to say that as long as her family is well and fed and sheltered, what is there to be stressed about?

So yes, I could complain, but I won’t.  Spring is teasing us; it will be here in good time – we’ll be complaining about oppressive heat in no time.  For now, I give thanks for my family, my friends, my home, my garden and the fact that my work can bring people peace and joy.

Even if most of my garden is still under the ground, it isn’t underwater or under the debris of a fallen building.

Spring is coming, all the more beautifully if it is accompanied by gratitude for the truly meaningful gifts that we already have.

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