Honey Bees and I love Poppies

I’ve always been a fan of the seed pod that poppies leave after they flower.  Tall, architectural, exotic looking – and you don’t have to wait until late in the season!  As soon as the one day blooms finish, there they are.

Besides the seed pods, I’m smitten with the nodding bud and the fragile crepe-like petals.  What I didn’t expect were the honey bees!  My plan for next year is to start my own colony, so this is a great preview of coming attractions.   I love watching them work a flower!

A couple of days after the poppies started blooming a week or so ago, the bees started showing up every morning, buzzing from bloom to bloom picking up the translucent pollen on their legs.  They can’t seem to get enough.  Then about 10 o’clock, they’re gone.

Don’t you love the old botanical prints?  I’ve managed to collect a few of them at thrift and antique shops.  I’d love to have this one……

People have told me they’ve tried to plant poppies and failed.  First of all, there’s no failure in gardening!   Just the first of possibly several attempts, right? 😉   I couldn’t find seeds locally, so I ordered an assortment from One Stop Poppy Shoppe and followed their directions, which were very simple.  Sow the seeds in the fall (Here in NC, I did it in November) and cover lightly.  Poppy seeds need light to germinate.  I also mixed in some Larkspur and Nigella seeds which all germinated.

So, if you’ve tried before and not had any luck, give it another go.

It’s worth it!
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2 Responses to Honey Bees and I love Poppies

  1. Jean says:

    I confess, I’m one of those people who has never succeeded with poppies. You’ve inspired me to try again when I develop my next garden area. I’m a more experienced and knowledgeable gardener now than I was when I tried poppies before; that can sometimes make a big difference.

    • Laura says:

      That’s great, Jean – glad to be a help with your inspiration! You’re right in that knowledge and experience can make a difference – and sometimes it’s just dumb luck, too! 🙂
      Just remember the seeds need light to germinate – report back with your success story, please. Thanks so much for reading and commenting –

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