Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a big blue pot…

I’ve wanted one for years; I’ve always said…….someday.  I have some screwy conflicts in my head about money sometimes – I can be very decisive about a really large purchase, but agonize over something for $50.  Well, this beautiful blue pot was originally more than $50, but it was on sale for 30% off so, someday was here!

A couple of weeks earlier, I found the coolest little lemon tree and since it won’t survive outside during the winter here in Zone 7b, I needed to plant it in a container that I can bring in the house.  I was originally thinking I’d get a Meyer lemon, but I found a Pink Eureka that I just fell in love with – it’s got variegated leaves, fragrant pink/white blooms, and the rind of the lemon is striped green and cream until it matures and turns yellow.  Inside, the flesh is a light pink.  Pink lemonade for everyone!  Doesn’t it sound fabulous?  Here’s a link to what looks like all you ever wanted to know about growing lemons.   So, the plan was coming together.   The lemon tree was still relatively small, so to jazz things up a bit, I added some other plants.    As the lemon grows, I’ll just remove the others.   So, I put a piece of screen over the hole in the bottom of the pot to prevent leakage of soil.  Then I added a good bit of Perlite to lighten the soil to prevent compaction – I want good drainage.   The soil I use is just an organic container mix I get locally.

I fertilized with worm castings from my worm bin.  Then, the plants.  The lemon goes in the center since eventually it will be the only inhabitant in the pot.   Then, I added a sun coleus, bee balm, agastache, a pink petunia, a cute little Oxalix I found at a garden open house, and a hardy Plumbago.   All these plants have something pinkish going on and I thought they would look good with the lemon tree foliage and flowers, and the pot.  A couple of weeks later, I also added a Veronica ‘Aztec Gold’ which provided some great color contrast, but it died while I was on vacation.

Do you mulch your containers?  I do.  It provides the same benefits in a container as it does in a garden bed, specifically conserving moisture, which is very important in a container.  It also blocks weeds and looks good.  The lemon tree needs acid, so I also added some pine needles.  Pine needles are a great mulch for blueberries, too, for the same reason.

What do you think?  I’ve got my blue pot after all these years.  It makes me happy.

How about you?  Is there a blue pot, or something else you’ve been wanting to gift yourself and it just seems too extravagant?

Don’t discount the value of a happy heart – you and everyone around you will benefit from it – treat yourself!

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10 Responses to Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have a big blue pot…

  1. Katie says:

    Your big blue pot is awesome! Makes me want to go shopping for sure. I “mulch” my pots with something unusual – broken china – looks pretty and keeps the cat out.

    • Laura Wright says:

      Thanks, Katie!
      Good cat defense there – I bet that really adds some charm, too. You should definitely shop – do your bit for the economy, right? I figure that pot’s going to last many years, so overall, not really extravagant at all.

  2. Jean says:

    I think that blue is the color of happiness! Beautiful.

  3. Kat White says:

    Love your big blue pot. I’m glad you finally got one. That variegated lemon is great, isn’t it? I love how their leaves smell.

  4. Erin says:

    I am really loving your blog. Finally taking the time to read the whole thing. The Meyer Lemon tree is the next plant purchase for me, and I am thankful for the link you provided for the cultivation of lemons. I had no idea of the lemon seasons and how to water etc. I would have done it all completely wrong by treating it the same as other plants. I LOVE the blue pot. How is your lemon doing?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Erin,
      Thanks so much for your kinds words – I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s slump, but am now feeling my groove coming back, so there will be more posts soon!
      I ended up having to dig the lemon out and put it in another pot to bring inside – Big Blue is just too heavy for me to get up the three steps needed. The lemon is doing as expected for winter, though, and I look forward to seeing what it does this coming year.
      Now I get to choose some other plants for Big Blue, so that’s a happy outcome, right?
      Happy New Year to you!

  5. Brian Daly says:

    Fascinating! Guess I’ll see the Big Blue Pot next time I visit. Hope Pax doesn’t eat all the plants in the meantime.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks, Brian! BBP is in the front yard and Pax doesn’t freely roam there, so that should be no problem. Hope you get to see them both soon. 😉

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