My Neighbor’s Lilies

My next door neighbor’s house is up for sale and she’s moved to Texas to begin her new life and new marriage.  I wish her well.  This morning during my stroll through my side garden, I caught a glimpse, through the fence, of Annie’s lilies in bloom.  They’re in a spot where no one can really see them unless they’re in or near the front of her house. I grabbed my camera and went over there to catch some shots and here are a few of them. Another neighbor was out walking his dog and stopped to see what I was up to.   He shared my admiration of the beautiful, hidden blooms, and mentioned that he carries a shovel in his truck and when he’s out in the country and passes an abandoned farmhouse or field with some beauties blooming, he has been known to “rescue” one or two, leaving most of them there, of course. I continued snapping pictures and asked him to define “abandoned”.  He said it depends on the quality of the merchandise. I guess I’ll just enjoy my neighbor’s lilies through my fence and my lens.  I have scruples after all! Of course, they may need to be divided in the fall…….

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6 Responses to My Neighbor’s Lilies

  1. Hehe, I definitely think they need “dividing”, with divisions being planted quite a few feet away, over the fence 🙂

  2. Greggo says:

    you can always call the newlywed

  3. fern says:

    I would definitely go and do the work of dividing them in fall. After all,whoever buys the house may not be gardeners after all, and it would be a pity to lose them to a backyard barbecue pit or something.

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