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It would be so easy…..

to shake my fist at the sky to complain about this chilly, windy morning as contrasted with yesterday’s balmy perfection. Gardeners get a little obsessed at this time of year.  We have one-tracked minds – Spring and all that the … Continue reading

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I’m really going to need my garden this year…

In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Albert Camus It’s been a time of change and loss……you know, life doing its thing.  As I face the possibilities and inevitabilities being worked … Continue reading

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Winter Reflections

In the business of horticulture here in zone 7b, winter is a time for regrouping.  It’s a dormant period for many of us, just like that of a plant, time to slow down many of the more public processes and … Continue reading

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Follow the Green Tongue!

I’m the daughter of a world-class worrier.  My dear mother could identify every possible negative outcome and stare into it as if by keeping it in her sights, she could………what?  watch its approach?  intimidate it?  stop it?   So I was … Continue reading

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